The Cuisine

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Citrus braised beetroot & fresh ricotta gnocchi browned in butter w/ orange deglaze, wilted beet greens, parmigiana & mint walnut pesto

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Golden Bear Ranch heirloom tomato salad w/ burratta, toasted Israeli couscous, Lodi olive oil, basil oil & fresh basil

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Summer Bruschetta with Golden Bear Ranch white peaches, delta blackberries, citrus herbed cream cheese, Petaluma bleu cheese, arugula & balsamic reduction

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Roasted sweet potato gnocchi seared in brown butter w/ Spanish chorizo, local chard, pecorino, sage & parsley

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Skuna Bay salmon seared in cast iron and finished in the oven with root vegetable medley, whipped potatoes, celery oil & kiwi citrus salsa garnish

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Swordfish filet cooked sous vide w/ butter & seared in cast iron, with cider vinegar infused farro, buttered foraged chanterelles, steamed cauliflower mash & herb oil