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Fleur Bistro Philosophy

Fleur Bistro was conceptually built on the idea of “the right food the right way.” Though we use quality ingredients, its the goal of our Head Chef to make a statement on your flavor profiles with the proper cooking techniques. Ergo: cooking food the right way, not just cooking the right food.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

The Who

Fleur was built on the foundation of family. No, most of aren’t related but family is deeper than blood. We’ve been through the wringer before and we got got back up as a family. We want you to feel that connection and trust that whatever you, Fleur has you covered.

The what

Our food can best be described as “American with a Mediterranean twist”. And whether small or large plates, simple or fancy, Fleur Bistro has something for whatever style or atmosphere for your event. We’ll keep our menu fresh with the changing seasons so you can expect comfort cuisine for whatever the weather.

The where

Well…everywhere! Catering companies are all the same. Show up, serve the food, smile and wave. But we’re coming to you with just a bit more. We’ve got a catering cart! Grills, ovens, pizza ovens, a frdige. It’s like a kitchen on wheels, kind of because it is! Things can be made on the fly just as easily as any kitchen can with our new style of serving up smiles. And keep an eye out because we’ve got plans to put a steak in the ground with a Deli!

A few Choice Items

Nothing will ever compare with trying our foods for yourself, but as a starter here are some example plates for those of you with hungry eyes.